Dear Parents

Casper Midget Football would like to introduce you to our program.

Casper Midget Football started in Casper in the fall of 1969. Since that time, we have introduced the game of football to approximately 14,000 participants in the Casper area. CMFA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. We are quite proud of our program, especially of our safety record. Since 1969, we have had only a few minor injuries to our players. We feel the reasons for this are that we buy the very best equipment available, stress physical fitness, and the players are well coached by our volunteer staff. Additionally, CMFA partners with USA Football to teach and utilize the "Heads Up Football Program" which promotes proper head positioning to help prevent concussions.

CMFA has been a very popular program for the children and parents who participate. the participants not only learn the game football, but they also learn sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, pride, and self-esteem. the parents enjoy our program because we stress to our coaches that all players, regardless of ability, will participate in all games.

We do not allow weekend practices, except prior to a championship game. All players are rewarded equally as a team, not as individuals. We try to let your child play on a team in his or her neighborhood or school area. the on-time registration fee is $100.00. All equipment will be provided except for shoes, mouthpieces, and practice jerseys. Mouthpieces are required and will be on sale at equipment issue for $1.00 each.

We do not require a physical exam, but we do highly recommend that your child have a physical. Please be aware that our coaches are instructed in the event of a serious injury, that they are to call 911 and seek professional attention.

CMFA carries a health and accident policy that is secondary to the participant’s personal coverage for claims while in our program. this policy is through USA Football and National Union Fire Insurance Co. If you need further information regarding filing a claim, please see our website. the injured party is responsible for any costs incurred, and CMFA is released from all liability.

Please review and complete the attached registration as soon as possible to insure your child’s opportunity to play with school mates from his or her school. Any school information found to be intentionally falsified to change the team assignment will result in that child being removed from the program. Equipment will be issued and participants will be weighed at the CMFA equipment building at Washington Park on Tuesday, August 15th for 6th graders Wednesday, August 16th for 5th graders. All participants must weigh in before they will be assigned to a team. Registrations not made by the Late Equipment checkout on August 23rd will be subject to a $25 late fee. Registrations will not be accepted beyond September 6th. Late registrants are not guaranteed a place on the same team as school mates.

Your child will be contacted by his or her coach between August 25th and August 27th. The first day of practice will be Monday, August 28th.

Parents, please exhibit the traits of good sportsmanship while attending all games. All of the coaches, referees and organizers are volunteers and are only interested in the children having fun in a safe environment, as well as learning the basics of football. the number of games won and lost is NOT a determining factor when considering the success of your child’s experience with Midget Football.

the Casper Midget Football Association would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our program, and we would like to urge you and your child to participate in Midget Football.

If you have any questions about our program, please call our CMFA message number, 473-8674, please leave your name and number and one of our Board members will return your call as soon as possible, or you may visit our website at Sincerely,

Joe Kennedy, President