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    Due to weather moving in we are advancing the playoff schedule. We are sorry for the short notice and the change this morning the schedule is set now.

    In hopes of getting the season done without playing in bad weather and not getting anyone hurt we have pushed this along.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Tonight’s Games:


    3 vs 6

    5th grade – Raiders vs. Saints – 5:30 pm @ Washington Park

    6th grade – Titans vs. Packers – 7:15 pm @ Washington Park


    4 vs 5

                    5th grade – Colts vs. Cowboys – 5:30 pm @ North Casper

                    6th grade – Buccaneers vs. Bengals – 7:15 @ North Casper


    2 vs 7

                    5th grade – Ravens vs. Steelers – 5:30 pm @ Tani

                    6th grade – Vikings vs. Broncos – 7:15 pm @ Tani


    1 vs bye

                    5th grade – Chiefs

                    6th grade – Lions


    Tuesday Night Games:


                    Winner of 3 vs 6 against winner of 2 vs 7

                    5th grade 5:30 pm @ Washington Park

                    6th grade 7:15 pm @ Washington Park


                    Winner of 4 vs 5 against #1

                    5th grade 5:30 – Chiefs vs winner of 4 vs 5 – 5:30 @ North Casper

                    6th grade 7:15 – Lions vs winner of 4 vs 5 – 7:15 @ North Casper


    Wednesday Night Games:


                    Semi-final winners at location TBD


    Casper Midget Football Association is planning to have a full season of football for the 2020 season. We are in the process of making plans as recommendations from state and health organizations come in.


    Any suggestions or wish to help with the season please contact us.

    In Memoriam Brad Menzel

    Casper Midget Football

    PO Box 1114

    Casper WY 82602

    As many of you know by now, this week we bid farewell to a true legend. Brad Menzel was with Casper Midget Football for over 30 years. As a Coach/Equipment Guru/ and Board member, he shouldered a enormous workload for our organization. He did so with a giant grin and infectious upbeat attitude that you couldn’t help but emulate. Brad always had a great story or joke, and people were put at ease when he walked into the room. He always offered a helping hand wherever needed. The stories being shared by his former players are powerful testimonies of who Brad was a person. He will be missed tremendously in his professional role with us and as a titan among men. We thank Brad for his years of dedication to youth sports and our thoughts go out to his family and extended family, which seems to include 75% of our community. He will be sorely missed by more than we can possibly count.

    Please feel free to use our page to share your stories so we can all honor him with our laughter. God speed Mr. Menzel.

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    Casper Junior Football League

    For 1st though 4th grade football please connect and sign up with Casper Junior Football League. 


    Upcoming Dates


    • Regular Season Games Sept 21st- Oct 9th
    • Playoffs Oct 12th-16th
    • Championship Game Oct 18th


    Season Games


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